Protect yourself, your family and your belongings against Smash & Grab attacks.

Fit our 150 micron Nano Ceramic Formulated window film to your Vehicle.

The window film stays intact in the event of a smash & grab attack, preventing access to your vehicle.

Nano Ceramic film has no metal which interferes with the vehicle's electronics and has no reflectivity.

Our Smash & Grab Safety film is available in different shades Clear, 50% (lighter tint) and 35% (darker tint).

We offer a 7 year warrantee on our Smash & Grab Safety Film.

If comfort is a priority and you spend a lot of time in the car, we recommend you fit the150 micron Nano-Ceramic Formulated window film which is 85% heat resistant and 100% UV resistant.

This makes the vehicle cooler and protects your interior from sun damage. Your  car will heat up more slowly and cool down incredibly fast.